Are Accountability Partners Worth It?

Man-Explain-With-Friends-03If you are considering finding an accountability partner you may be feeling a little dubious about it. Are they really worth it or do these sessions turn into friendly chats where nothing is ever achieved?

This is going to depend on your purpose for getting an accountability partner in the first place. It will also depend on just how serious you are with your weekly or monthly goals. Any meeting can turn into a friendly chit-chat if you allow it.

My advice to you is before connecting with an accountability partner determine what your goals and desires are. Then consider how an accountability partner can help you achieve them. Do you really want to be held accountable for your actions? Or maybe you are lacking socially and are looking for more of an excuse to chat with someone? If so, then maybe being more active in social media like Facebook or Instagram may be a better alternative for you.

Once you have set your goals for wanting an accountability partner your next step is finding one. Many online forums and communities have special sections for connecting with potential accountability partners. Take a look at some of those forums which you visit frequently and see if they have one. If you are active on social media you could post that you are looking for an accountability partner. Or it might be better to approach a friend, co-worker or classmate who has goals or similar interests and ask him or her if they would consider partnering with you to help each other accomplish your dreams and goals.

If you know someone who uses an accountability partner, ask them how they created their accountability partnership. How did they get started and what do they do to support each other?

This is definitely not something that you want to rush into. It is important to find the right person so that you will both benefit from your meetings. Write out a list of qualities or traits that you are looking for. You may want a person who is of the same gender and age as you. What about time zones? Is connecting with someone on a totally different continent going to work?

Use the phone, Skype, Facebook or meet in person. Connect with possible partners and get to know them before committing to partnership. You don’t want to make a rash decision and you do want to get along with the person as well.

Remember though, that you are being accountable to each other. This means that you both need to be able to take criticism and feedback from each other. Quite often it is much easier

We need other people to convince us we are not as bad as we think we are.

Partners lighten the load and double the joy.

to be the one offering feedback than to be on the receiving end.

Plus you are going to have to be honest with your accountability partner when you don’t meet your goals and deadlines – if that happens! While there is no need to be fearful of missing a goal, you do need to know why you missed it. A family emergency may have come up or maybe you don’t know why you missed your goal. Actually this can be a good thing and a benefit to having an accountability partner.

If you are in the habit of missing deadlines it is possible that a person looking in from the outside can see things that you are missing. This could just be that your workload is so heavy that you don’t have the time to get anything new. Or they may see that you spend way too much time on Facebook, watching TV, or chatting on the phone.

Once any problem areas have been identified it is up to you to take action and remedy them. This is all part of working together as accountability partners. No one is the judge, in fact, you are both just trying to help each other set and meet goals on a regular basis.

Many business people have connected with accountability partners and have a business relationship that has lasted decades. Even college roommates who supported each other during their time in school have maintained lifelong supportive friendships. There is no reason why this couldn’t turn into a similar experience for you and your new accountability partner.









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