I Am an Everlasting Element of Nature.

I am part of a magical world filled with exciting opportunities and ideas. I am a force of nature with the ability to influence my circumstances. The world around me is my playground, and I find joy in every experience.

My life is part of an everlasting fabric that connects the world together. I am an eternal being with infinite possibilities surrounding me.

 I am pleased to be part of nature. My world is filled with oceans of Love and mountains of Courage. I am part of a beautiful world that welcomes me. I believe in the creative power of nature to transform my life.

My intention is to find the best parts of nature and enjoy them and share their inspiration with everyone within my field of influence. I know the people around me are also magical forces of nature. My life is enriched by their experiences and I am invigorated by our connection.

Understanding and appreciating nature makes me happy. 

 I have many strengths and talents inspired by nature. Nature helps me understand I am part of an infinite Universe with no end.

Today, I recognize that I am a powerful force of nature. My life is filled with amazing opportunities and inspiring wonders which deepen my connection with Nature. I know that I am an everlasting force and part of a miraculous Universe. I am a strong being with established and emerging abilities and skills. I draw inspiration from Nature and Spirit gives me strength and energy. I enjoy the world around me and I am grateful to be alive!

Self-Reflection Questions:

Why do I feel more alive in nature?

  1. How can I connect with nature on a daily basis to grow as an individual?
  2. Why do I feel more alive when I am in nature?
  3. Am I spending too much time indoors and avoiding nature?
  4. Why is nature providing me with answers to some of the most important questions in my life?
  5. How can I help my friends and family understand they are also forces of nature?
  6. Why is everything in Nature conspiring for my highest good?