Simple Joys: Finding Happiness in your Own

Do you find yourself often feeling tired, spent, or even exhausted? Maybe you feel challenged to find balance and contentment. Human lives can get very complicated sometimes. However, it’s possible to discover some of the simpler joys in life to soothe your soul. Simple pleasures are all around you. You just have to be alert to notice

Try these strategies to cultivate more joy in your everyday life:

1. Marvel, once again, about the clouds in the sky. When was the last time you did this? When you were small, you probably laid on a blanket outdoors, staring up at the sky, looking for interesting shapes in the clouds. Why not do it now?

• Invite your partner or your kids to go outside with you. Grab a blanket on your way out the door. Then, lay back in the soft grass. No radios or phones! Look up and lose yourself in the clouds. Be present in only this moment. No past – no future – there’s only now. Share what you see with your loved ones.

• You’ve just found a very simple pleasure – one you can enjoy almost any time.

2. Watch a sunset. Talk about a wondrous event! Sunsets vary each day. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.

• Watching the sunset can be an awesomely peaceful and quiet experience. Or it can be the cause for a celebration, whatever you choose. However you approach it, sunset watching is an effortless joy that won’t cost you a penny.

3. Re-discover nature. No matter where you live, you can walk outdoors and see what’s there. Even in Brooklyn, a tree is probably growing near you.

• Do you love birds? Get a pair of binoculars and sit outdoors on the porch step and watch the free show that only birds can present.

• If you’re into horticulture, take a walk to admire all the lovely trees and plants you see.

• For a real treat, drive to your local national park and take in all the bounty of simple pleasures that nature provides.

4. Revive your love of reading. Whether you’re curling up on the sofa with a novel byyour favorite author or sitting in the sun reading one of the classics, reading is a simple joy that you can do anytime you want.

5. Spend a day in your pajamas. You know you want to!

• After you’ve had one of those really hectic weeks where work and personal situations collided to produce a lot of tension, try setting aside a weekend day where you don’t even get dressed.

• Spend the day lying around in your PJs. All day, do whatever you like. Talk with your kids or spend quality time with your partner. Maybe you just want to read. That’s okay, too! It’s your day, after all.

6. Make yourself a great cup of coffee, your favorite iced latte, or glass of tea and relax. Sometimes, all you need to feel better is doing something simple: fix your favorite beverage and take five.

7. Decide to do whatever you want just for one hour today. Life can seem so overwhelming sometimes that you may feel totally disconnected from the activities you love to do.

• Whether you enjoy doing a particular craft or playing a sport for fun, make time to do what excites you. Creating a life of harmony includes regularly seeking out simple pleasures. Very little money is required, so you can experience joy in your life every day. Make an effort to find your simple joys, and you can create the life you deserve.

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How to Find Happiness in the Little Things

Many people have a difficult time finding the motivation to get things done. The biggest misconception is that motivation will simply fall from the sky and everything will be swell. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. You need to be proactive!

Others wait for something “big” to happen so they will suddenly have the motivation they need to complete a task or push through a tough time. When this doesn’t happen, they lose their focus and fall off the task quickly. Instead of waiting for something to come to you, why not create your own motivation? You can… and it’s easier than you think!

Finding the Little Things to Motivate You

The first thing you need is an environment that is conducive to healthy motivation. What does this mean? Well, it means that you need a clutter-free workspace, a comfortable chair at your desk, and a computer monitor at a comfortable height. Ergonomics is very important when designing the area where you will be working. These little things can zap you of your motivation in a real hurry. After all, how can you be motivated if you have a sore neck and back all the time? You’ll be too busy worrying about carpal tunnel or back spasms than anything else!

Ask yourself honestly: “How much would my attitude change if I worked in a place that I actually liked to spend time in?”

The moment you work in an environment that is congruent with your needs, you’ll nearly instantly find the motivation to get started and follow through.

Identifying Your Motivational Factors

Everyone has different motivational factors so what works for your colleagues may not work for you. Instead, determine the unique things that excite and motivate you. Perhaps you can reward yourself with your favorite snack after completing an important task, or maybe you can have a friendly competition with your colleagues. Whatever it is, give yourself something to work towards!

You’ll find more motivation by sprinkling mini-rewards throughout your day for each little task you check off your to-do list. When you keep your motivational factors simple, you’ll keep the pressure off and get more done in less time.

How to Find Motivation on the Computer

Even your computer can be a source of motivational energy. Motivational desktop wallpapers can help you stay focused while you work. These desktop wallpapers are free downloads that give you motivation at your fingertips. When you think about how often you see your desktop, it makes sense to put some inspiring thoughts and images there. When you are ready to throw in the towel, just take a quick look at your desktop and just might find the inspiration you need to persevere through!

There are plenty of motivational images and quotes, so there’s no shortage of motivation right on your desktop. You can refresh your desktop wallpaper every day, week, or month as you see fit.

Using the power of motivating imagery is free and requires little time. This method is a prime example of finding motivation in the little things. So go get started!

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